The following will actually disprove a statement made by a reporter later in 1990 (seen in one of the videos), about me not doing anything with my music… ha ha…

It was April 1990, and the upcoming celebration of the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. Big plans were in the works, and we were following special events to be done via national broadcast, and a special on-air celebration of Earth Day to be hosted by Bette Midler.

Being one of the biggest fans of Mother Earth, I was not about to miss adding my two cents worth of celebration on "her" day. So I set down to write a new song…

At first attempt, everything I was spinning out was material that sounded more like a bungled attempt to imitate Peter, Paul and Mary - too grass roots for me. So I went to the other extreme. Way other. The final song is a piece with two names. The formal name is: From An Air Station In 2090. Yep, it's Scifi… or is it?

Because the name flat out needs to be explained, we have been using it's nickname ever since. That is: Cared To Care, which is part of the chorus lyrics.

Because Cared To Care will hopefully remain science FICTION, we need to set the stage for you. As the formal title suggests, it is a time piece based in 2090, 100 years after the song was written. In 2090, due to man's heavy disregard for the planet (in time to prevent ultimate tragedy), he is now imprisoned in an artificial world.

Cities are encapsulated in huge bubbles and domes. The oceans are all but dead; black as coal and almost completely devoid of life. The only way to survive is to finally embrace recycling and re-use, to a scale that would have more than been sufficient to save the planet in the first place! But now, being done out of necessity to survive - not when it could have been done in time to prevent the disaster in the first place. Man's usual placing and ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, rather than building a guardrail at the top! Waiting for necessity to be the mother of invention.

Everything must be reclaimed and recycled… even the air we breathe. And it is from one of the large air recycling plants, or: Air Stations, that our story is staged. Due to their size and the vast power they must consume to do their job, they are nuclear powered. Because of the process, these stations are considered hazardous to operate, and a danger to have in close proximity to the cities. So air is pumped across 100 miles of wasteland to and from the cities.

With this long distance pumping, vents can be closed off and cities can be protected from nuclear fallout in event of a critical failure of a plant, long before the radiation gets too close to the city module it feeds. All modules have redundant backup. Past plant failures and resulting explosions have done even further damage to the ecology of the planet, further condemning man to his self made prison.

Our story and song comes from the thoughts and wishes of a technician who operates one of these massive Air Stations in 2090…

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MP3 of Cared To Care
From An Air Station In 2090
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Although I retain all copyrights to the song (© 1990 Chase Jazzborne, all rights reserved.), anyone and everyone is welcome to copy the song to their music library for free. You may also distribute copies of the song, as long as you do so FOR FREE. Absolutely no money can be charged for copies, or copying this song.
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I performed the song in Balboa Park (San Diego) during the Earth Day Festival on Earth Day in 1990. We had a very small setup, but the message was sent loud and clear! Prior to the gig, I had sent a copy of the song to a friend of mine in England who worked with the BBC (known from back in my radio announcer days). What became of it there was not known for a few years.


My wife September and I are in line for an attraction at the theme park. In front of us are a group of English young adults (late teens), who appear to us as classic rocker types. The line was very long, and took quite awhile to get though. During this time, we were able to hear a number of discussions about recording sessions and instrument setups.

Knowing the lingo, I asked the young people if they were indeed a band from the U.K.? The said yes. Then just out of curiosity sake, I asked if they had heard of an American musician by the name of Chase Jazzborne. There answer was: "The weird American tune!"

September and I were stunned, but not so stunned as the group, when they found out Chase Jazzborne was the guy standing in front of them! At that point they immediately stopped "parading" around like the new rock stars they were hoping to become (turned out they were here to cut a demo with Capitol), and became quite inquisitive about my career. I was told that my song was a cult classic on the BBC, though I never found any other reference later. I have, however, had the same reaction form other Brits in the years following - go figure!



TECH 1: Generator started…

TECH 2: Hit the pump!

TECH 1: Pump started… I hate this detail…

TECH 2: Hey where're you going for your vacation?

TECH 1: Probably the Hawaiian fishing aquarium. If it was a hundred years ago, I'd go out on a boat somewhere and fish anywhere I wanted.

TECH 2: Yah - if it was a hundred years ago you wouldn't have this job and all that money that you make.

TECH 1: Yah… well there's lots of things more valuable than all this money… Tell you, if our grandparents and great grandparents hadn't screwed up so bad, I'd probably be commanding some kind of cruise ship making just as much… Just think of it…


Remember the mountains; the echoing bird calls…
Green valleys with rivers of water so clear.
I've heard the stories my grandfather told
of days past when men could roam free.
Remember when cities weren't built under covers…
Where kites could be flown in the warm mid-day sun?
History tells of the days in the Summer,
when families could play at the beach…
If they cared to care…
The wildlife might still live - the forests still green.
If they cared to care,
I would not be out here… I'd be sailing the sea.
Blue skies and butterflies…
Rainy days and starry nights…
Sunshine and hatchling cries…
Summer breezes cool…
Do care - or say goodbye…
I can't find the answers - there aren't any reasons,
For why they stood by, and watched it all die!
Wouldn't they see they were sealing a fate,
Of coal colored seas and cellophane trees!
If they cared to care…
They had all the knowledge to keep mankind free.
If they cared to care,
I would not be out here… I'd be sailing the sea!


TECH 2: What you goon do - sit there all day and daydream? You got a lot to do before you allowed to leave!

TECH 1: Yah, well I only have one day left.

TECH 2: Common I don't wanna miss the game!

TECH 1: Ah, quit whining - we got plenty of time before the game. Hey we got a critical heat alarm over here… Generator's down!

TECH 2: It was your job to watch the stabilizer!

TECH 1: Never mind that, we gotta contain this fast!

TECH 2: It's going of the scale!

TECH 1: Phase three… we're not gonna make it…


.................................... Tech 1 portrayed by Chase Jazzborne

.................................... Tech 2 portrayed by Jon Cooper

© 2009 Chase Jazzborne