Chase Jazzborne

This is an online scapbook . . .

Originally there was the attempt at a regularly updated BLOG, but that didn't work due to lack of time, so it's now this format.

This site is dedicated to personal achievements, not a film industry resume. For some strange reason, personal achievements seem to draw more attention than professional ones. A strange twist of fate for a man who's been a Producer and Director his whole life. . .

To get things started, YouTube will do a bunch of the talking. . .

A few of the following videos already have associated story pages - others not yet, so the video will have to do the talking about those stories for now. Most of the video segments on this page are cut from a longer Introduction To Chase Jazzborne video.




  • Jer Door Stunt (Live car stunt simulcast on radio & TV - added 08/04/09)
  • Chase and September Dive Cozumel (shot 2001 - added 08/03/09)
  • Chase Flies (shot 2007 - added 08/03/09)
  • Chase Does Stunts (shot 1999 - added 08/01/09) - Whole Story Here
  • Chase Does Sundance (shot 2002 - added 08/01/09)
  • Chase Creates Aerial TV Shows for Discovery (shot 2001 & 2008 - added 08/01/09)
  • Chase Creates Search Engine Program (shot 1993 - added 08/01/09)
  • Chase Founds San Diego Stunt Association (shot 1994 - added 08/01/09) - Whole Story Here

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